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ios 14 tips & tricks/iphone hacks 2021

iOS 14 Tips & Tricks for Beginners!iphone hacks

IOS 14 has brought a lot of exciting additions and improvements to the iPhone. You can now add widgets directly to the home screen, gain access to all applications installed through the new app library, interact with a compact version of Siri, and more. Be sure to check out the full list of 100+ iOS 14 features here. That said, iOS 14 provides a myriad of options, settings, and subtle tweets to enhance your iPhone experience. Let’s dig in and see the best iOS 14 tips and tricks you can start using right now.iphone hacks

iOS 14 Tips and Tricks

Check out some of the best iOS 14 tips and tricks below.

1. Build Smart Stacks

IOS 14 lets you insert a smart stack of widgets from the Widgets Gallery. But did you know that you can also create your own smart stack from scratch?

To start a building just drag a widget of the same size over another. Like the standard smart stack it will also rotate automatically based on the types of usage. You can create as many smart stacks as you want.

01. Stack Widgets 1024X780 1

2. Hide Unwanted Apps

Are there apps that you rarely use? Instead of deleting them or dropping them in a folder, simply hide them in the application library. Long-press the app you want to hide, tap Remove App, and then tap Remove Apps in the App Library Hide Apps

02. Hide Apps 1024X959 1

You can easily access hidden apps by the app library (swipe right from the latest home screen page) or the iPhone’s search functionality.

3. Hide Home Screen Pages

Apart from apps, iOS 14 also lets you hide full home screen pages. Start ziggling the home screen, tap the strip of dots that indicates the number of home screen pages, and then uncheck the home screen pages you want to hide Pages Hide pages03. Hide Pages 1024X954 1

4.Ziggle the app from anywhere

Forget about holding app icons for ages to shake. In iOS 14, just long-press (or 3D-press) any empty area in the home screen to make those apps dance.

5.Use the back tap

IOS 14 comes with a Nifty Accessibility Settings dub back tap. It lets you bind a variety of system-related features, gestures, and shortcuts that you can activate by tapping the back of the iPhone twice or thrice. Tap Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Back to start binding

04. Back Tap 1024X788 1

You don’t need to have the latest iPhone – iOS 14 powered iPhone back tap support.

6. Identify Privacy-Invasive Apps

In iOS 14, you get access to most privacy and security-related features. One such feature is the ability to notify an active camera or microphone in the form of green or orange status indicators on the iPhone.

If the indicators start to light for no apparent reason, using the camera or microphone (or the last one used) brings the control center to find the correct app.

05. Camera Indicator 1024X866 2


7. Easily Check Audio Level

Audio. Easily check the audio level

IOS 14 comes with a new Control Center add-on dubbed listening that makes it easy to protect your hearing when using a pair of wireless headphones.


Start by adding Audio to the Control Center – go to Settings> Control Center to do this. Then, bring up the control center while playing music and the listening icon refers to green (safe) or yellow (unsafe) audio output. Audio level

06. Audio Level 1024X959 1

You can also long-press the icon to find the correct audio level in decibels. IOS 14 considers anything above 80 decibels to be unsafe.

8. Take Mirrored Selfies

Hate flips differently after taking selfies? Turn on the Mirror Front Camera option via Settings> Camera and you can capture selfies as they appear in the viewfinder.07. Mirrored Selfies 1024X784 2

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